Won't Go Quietly - text

Won't Believe The Fools

9. srpna 2011 v 12:58
They told me lies, 'bout all the birds, the bees, and butterflies.
'Bout some dude watching us beyond the sky.
I said he don't mean nothing, no he's crap to me, they call it blasmophy,
They tell me lies, 'bout how were made and where we go and when we die
That some dude watching us beyond the sky.
The classroom full of kids they laughed and clapped at me, the futures slapped to me.

See The Sea

9. srpna 2011 v 12:56
Step back a minute, ain't payin no parkin ticket
You won't like me when I'm angry now I'm close to livid
I found it by myself so I don't need no back seat drivers
Taxi driver get out of my face or feel the spat saliva


9. srpna 2011 v 12:54

Where's all the hooligans
Their nasty music fans
Let's see you break some bits and make this pit of hooligans. [x2]

Dirty Face

9. srpna 2011 v 12:50
Show me your dirty face

Show me your dirty face
Show me your dirty face
Show me your dirty face
Put away that butterz one

Sick Note

9. srpna 2011 v 12:49
That's your phone
You gonna answer your phone, yeah?
It could be your boss and that like
Asking why you didn't come to work and that today, yeah?


9. srpna 2011 v 12:46

You want me to come over, I got an excuse
I might be holding your hand, but I'm holding it loose
Go to talk then we choke its like our necks in a noose
Avoid the obvious,we should be facing the truth

Two Lives

9. srpna 2011 v 12:42

I got a split personality
Do I love me more than I love you?
And if you're gone will I see clarity?
Or will I just feel like we got down fooled?


9. srpna 2011 v 12:39
I know what im tryna say
its on the tip of my tongue
Its like my thoughts have been araised, talk as if i was dumb
Should of met her when she asked
but i was out getting plastered
She waited for my speech but the cat got my tongue
Acting like i've gone and won at the oscars, speechless, careful with my words there's no way i could cheat this
Lost 'em again now someone give me a pen
I need to write these lessons down and maybe give 'em to friends

Last Ones Standing

9. srpna 2011 v 12:37

Tell the taxi driver pull up over there
Sprint down the street and we don't pay the fare
Onto the district line, force open the door
Theres loadsa seats free but we cotch on the floor

Something in the water

9. srpna 2011 v 12:31
I see them come, I see them go,
Been coming here since I don't know,
Come to play, here to talk,
Or are they here to simply show,
Sense of danger, bunch of strangers,
Simply starin' 'cross the room,
Pretty soon they'll taste the water,
And it ought to change their tune.

Time Machine

9. srpna 2011 v 12:29
I may have been away, seeing the world
But stick with me girl, and
and I'll show you the world
and I'll show you the world
and I'll show you the world
and I'll show you the world

Watch The Sun Come Up

9. srpna 2011 v 12:27

Hey, good morning
Hey, it's calling
Hey, good morning
Watch the sun come up
It's calling
I want another day with you

Won't Go Quietly

9. srpna 2011 v 12:11

I needed more than just a kiss goodnight
Had to go get something out my system I
ignored the warnings, bit the fruit
She might have tasted good
But man she was my kryptonite

From Space

9. srpna 2011 v 12:04
You all think you seen me
Never did this a harry houdini
This is bond with a stirred martini
Not shook leave that to the genie
Oh really, so sure