What we made - text

What we Made

10. srpna 2011 v 9:22

Man X went up to Man Y,
Stepped in his garden and spat in his eye
and said 'I aint movin' your grass is greener-
you wanna settle this name your arena'

Care 4 U

10. srpna 2011 v 9:17
You can blame me,
try to shame me,
and still I'll care for you,
you can run around,
even put me down,
still I'll be there for you.

Today I Met Myself

10. srpna 2011 v 9:13
I get the petrol don't forget to buy a couple of sweets
Sometimes I like to treat myself if only once a week
Open the door, get in the car, sit in the drivers seat
Peer into the rearview mirror and im staring back at me

Really Sorry

10. srpna 2011 v 9:09

Me & Mandy

10. srpna 2011 v 9:07
Verse 1:

You're a bitch, you switched
You constantly changed, every day you were stranger
Monday - fun day, Tuesday - booze day

No Sleep for the Wicked

10. srpna 2011 v 9:00
Verse 1:

It's worse by the day now, every time I lay down
Words come alive in my head and they play loud
It's like they cant find a way out
Wanna pull the plug on their party, its starting
To worry me, cant get to sleep when I wanna do
How would you feel if your lyrics just followed you?

Posh Birds

10. srpna 2011 v 8:57

Popcorn & Fisticuffs

10. srpna 2011 v 8:56

I Don't Want To

10. srpna 2011 v 8:53

I don't want
I spotted Miss World too good to be true
But the club was pretty dark and I'd had quite a few
I stagger to her table sipping my brew
But just as I get there she goes to the loo
Impatient bastard now what do I do?

Birthday Card

10. srpna 2011 v 8:45

I was on my last warning from Mrs Example,
Clean up my act stop being an asshole,
Didn't help my debacle,
I'd just woken up from an all day, all night, filthy (barkle),
Something quite (bait) about today's date,
I'd was hard to locate I'd drunk too much Pernod,
Took another swipe with my Mach 3 Turbo,
Then it hit me like a raging inferno.

Milk your goat

10. srpna 2011 v 8:40

Milk Your Goat, take a sip from your beverage
Wet your throat, find a nice bird and tell her
Get your coat, and if she says to you
No you don't! Slip summink in her drink

You can't rap

10. srpna 2011 v 8:31


You can't rap my friend you're white and you're from Fulham
Please put down the mic there's no way you can fool them
Don't be stupid you wont get that far
Turn your back on Hip Hop bruv and go and play guitar

So many roads

10. srpna 2011 v 8:19


Was it sleep deprivation or deep meditation?
That made me miss my last train from Paddington station
Salvation the key to incredible journeys
Up bright and early I head-first into the calm breeze
I'ts just me and My true geeze,